The Perfect Kentucky Derby Outfit

Hey Y’all,

It’s finally April, which means that The 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby is only a month away! Every year around this time, I start to itch with anticipation and start my search for the perfect Derby outfit. Thankfully, though the weather is unpredictable each year, the style is not. That classic, Southern prep style is one of the things that makes the Derby such a fun event. I love to see all of the cute (and crazy) outfits that people have come up with. So, about a week ago I made myself a cup of tea and scoured Pinterest for the perfect Derby dress! Here is what I came up with, along with some tips I’ve picked up over the years!

The Dress: Lauren James Livingston Solid Seersucker Dress


This Lauren James dress is my all time favorite for the Kentucky Derby. Last year I wore it in a different color, and I swear I have never received more compliments! Everyone, even men, were telling me how great it looked and how they loved the bow. I decided that I couldn’t top it, and ordered it in this seafoam shade this year. Now, I have it in three different colors… but it has pockets, so it’s not crazy, right?

The Hat: Handmade from Etsy


Finding the perfect Derby hat is serious business y’all, I think I went through more than 30 pages of hats on Etsy. I was having a hard time deciding whether to pair my dress with bright pink or yellow. Pink won in the end because of this hat. If y’all can’t tell I’m a sucker for big bows, and I find this one to be adorable.

The Purse: Kate Spade Rambling Roses Leather Crossbody Bag


If y’all don’t know, the Derby is often called, “The Run for the Roses” because of the rose blanket placed on the winning horse. What could be more perfect for this theme than this Kate Spade purse? It’s just so darn cute, while still functional. My purse selection for the Derby is always a crossbody, so that I don’t have to worry about lugging a bad around all day and setting it down somewhere. While at the Derby you do a lot of moving around, and I have found that the less things you have to worry about carrying, the better.

The Shoes: Tory Burch Shaw Wedge Espadrille


Tory Burch makes my favorite summer wedges, and when I saw that these came in pink, I had to have them! The detail on the front goes with my hat well, and they match perfectly. In my opinion, a wedge is the way to go for the Derby because you never know if you’ll be standing on solid ground. When it rains, its awfully hard to be walking around the infield in heels, but with wedges it’s a breeze. Not only do they have that Southern prep look, but they also are incredibly comfortable!

The Jewelry: Kendra Scott Color Bar

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 2.57.36 PM

Kendra Scott is one of those Southern staple brands, and the perfect choice for the Kentucky Derby! What I like most about it is that their jewelry can be completely customized using the Color Bar. For events like this, I pick my outfit first, then customize jewelry so that the colors match perfectly! In this case, I went with gold metal and all of the stones are magenta magnesite. Along with this bracelet, I am getting a statement necklace!

Now that I have my outfit all figured out, I can’t wait for Derby weekend to get here! I hope that this provides some inspiration for y’all, and if you have not already, make sure you order your hat soon (some take longer to make). I’d love to hear your about your tips and what y’all are wearing for the Derby, let me know in the comments!










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