Erin Condren Life Planner

In the world of preppy planners, I would argue that the Life Planner by Erin Condren is currently queen. Sorority girls, young professionals, and mothers alike are all vying to get their hands on one of the super personal schedules. A few years ago, between Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer you’d be hard pressed to find a woman at her sorority’s chapter meeting clutching anything but one of the two. Now, you can now see sisters toting around the tell-tale oversized Erin Condren spirals, and it seems like there are more and more every year. Yet, paying a price upwards of $60 seems somewhat ridiculous for a planner. Is it worth it? Coming from a scatter brained girl that has tried just about every buzz worthy planner, the answer is yes!

What I like most about the Life Planner is that it is completely customizable. You can choose from a wide array of different covers, and even pick your own colors or the designs. Many of the cover styles can be personalized with whatever you choose to have on them, and you can even pick between different metal colors on the spiral. If you happen to get bored of the cover you choose, you can simply create  a new one and pop the old one off since they are interchangeable. It is fun to be able to match your planner with your mood, or even what you are wearing for the day (if you want to be super extra like me).

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.55.40 PM

Not only is the outward appearance completely customizable, but the content is as well. There are three different page layouts to choose from depending on how organized you like to be: horizontal, vertical, and hourly. You can also choose between two color schemes: neutral or colorful. I love the structure of the book because there are places for titles and writing, but it gives you the freedom to choose your own titles. For instance, I have the vertical day layout which is divided into three sections per day. I choose to use one box for class, one for my sorority, and one for other, but you could divide it by morning, afternoon, and night. It gives you the ability to make the planner efficient for your needs.

I am currently on my second Life Planner, and as a previously die hard Lilly fan, I don’t think I will ever go back. Compared to the Lilly planner, the Life Planner has a much better construction. The jumbo spiral makes it a lot easier to flip through pages, as well as protects the pages better, and the size of the planner is perfect. I won’t lie, I like the fun stickers and page designs of the Lilly planner, but the functionality of the Life Planner overshadows the cute Lilly prints.


Possibly my favorite part of having a planner is the stickers, because I’m such a child. Although not as exciting and colorful as the Lilly stickers, the Life Planner does include functional ones. There are even some blank ones included so you can write whatever you want on them, and you can order a plethora of different stickers online when you run out. If you are really into being organized, there are a ton of extras that you can purchase from to make your life as organized as you want.

Overall, I don’t think a more perfect planner exists. The ability to completely customize the Life Planner means you can fashion it to fit your personal needs. The price is a bit steep, but it is well worth it!




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