The Cliché First Post

I suppose I am supposed to use this precious first post to capture your attention, to let you know what this blog is all about. Though this is the logical approach for my first post, I cannot tell you exactly what this blog will be. Simply put, this blog will be about a young lady’s pursuit of happiness and classiness through fashion, experiences, and food. It will be a journey, and I am sure that it will change with time. Along the way there will be interesting stories, as I am in college and that alone is bound to provide them. As you can see, I am often an indecisive person. I cannot promise that you will like my blog, because that would make me a liar and a lady should never let you know that she’s lying. I can promise you however, that I will always stay true to my title, and that you will see pictures of my puppy.

So grab your best bottle of bourbon, and let those pearls rest easy on your pretty little neck. Lounge on your chaise and have the pool boy fetch you a mimosa as you read along on your gold iPhone, because we all know it is gold. Or if you do not care to follow along sweetie, bless your heart.




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